Monday, June 13, 2016

Turning Your LIfe Around, kicking depression - where do you start?

What's up?
So, your life sucks. You wake up feeling trapped, with nowhere to go while a secret hope hides inside you. You want more. You want to be happy, have a good job, be more active, have good friends. Other people seem to be able to get it together, so why can't you?

Be Curious - Begin with you
The first step to any journey begins with looking where you are currently standing. Before you even think about the direction you're going, you need to figure out where you stand. So much misery in our lives comes from confusion about who we are. In my teaching work with kids, particularly the teenagers, I observe how they are coping with their lives by asking them how much they know about themselves. Usually the reply is a shrug and 'I dunno.'

So here's something you can do in the next five minutes.

Click on this link and answer the questions: Jungian typology Once you have completed the test (just choose the answer MOST like you, most of the time. Sometimes this is a bit tricky! Don't worry. there is no wrong answer.) Here's another similar one: . Follow this test to the results page. Or you can try this one: Keirsey test

Once you finish the test you will be given a 4 letter result, such as ENFJ, ISTJ or ENTP. There are four groups of 16 types. Then, click on the Keirsey website to find out more about your personality type. Each one has a description and offers more information on how you function at work, within groups, what sorts of things stress you out, what you find comforting etc. So helpful!

So, how can you use this information?
Its all about how you function within your world - how you relate to others, how you understand what is going on around you, how you react when things go wrong, or when things are going well, how you encourage others, what sort of people you are attracted to as friends and partners, how you fit in your own family etc.

Once you understand yourself better, your tendencies, your reactions, you can begin to see what sort of work would suit you, why certain types of people annoy or repel you and THEN you can begin to see how to change your situation.

It's not about pointing the finger and saying you're hopeless and unlikeable. It's about empowering yourself to make better choices. What sorts of things interest you? Where would you find people with similar interests? what issues have dominated your family life that you would like to change? How did your past influence the person you have become today?

It takes courage to change
Yes, it does. There's no use in denying this fact. But hey, if you are more aware of how you feel about stuff, how you react in situations, you can make better choices for your life. No matter which Jungian group you are, there are thousands of others just like you in that group, around the world! You are not alone. Connecting with some of them will help you feel more comfortable and perhaps give you ideas for how to change.

Find your tribe
Take the steps slowly. Focus on one thing you'd like to do, ie: take up a new hobby, such as a cooking class at community college night school, (I did languages, writing and cooking for years before I became a writer). It's so much fin being around other people like yourself!

Share what you know
Don't be scared to tell others on facebook what you are discovering about yourself. So many people are searching for this information. So many people are interested in changing their circumstances, but like you, don't quite know where to start. By helping them you are helping yourself on your journey.

Be true to yourself. Stop trying to fit in with people who aren't like you! If noisy nightclubs are not your thing - stop going! If reading is your thing - join a book club! If sport is your thing - join a local team! If helping kids is your thing - help out with local scouts or get involved in your child's school.

Good luck!

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