Monday, July 1, 2013

Serenity of A Winter Garden

(c) Dawn Meredith
Focus, right now, with me. Imagine you are here, in this moment.

You're sitting on a comfortable garden seat, with the gentle winter sun streaming through the trees. Breathe deep, releasing tension and worries into the still, cool air.  After days of rain, silver droplets cling to every leaf and bud, lining up on the garden furniture. The only sounds are the trills of tiny finches, like gemstones, flashing in the sunlight and the parrots and wattle birds squeaking and rustling in camellia trees behind you. Mr Cat sits on a chair, licking his whiskers and eyeing the dogs imperiously. They lie at your feet, eyes closed, soaking up the sun.

Forget-me-nots and green spotted snowdrops add delicate touches of white and blue to the winter palette – fragile little blooms, yet strong enough to fight winter’s chill.

(c) Dawn Meredith

The spring jonquils, in pots on the verandah, are already nodding their golden trumpet heads, reminding us that in a few short months the garden will change yet again.

(c) Dawn Meredith
There’s a peacefulness about winter, more than any other season, which soothes the mind. In its silvery stillness, a frosty morning has exquisite beauty.

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