Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pets as Therapy - awakening the good in us

Pets have been used as therapy for the less fortunate in our community, whether its as an assistance dog for a legally blind person, severely asthmatic, epileptic or as a cuddly friend in a nursing home. Dogs are favoured, of course, especially as they are more of an 'outside' pet and more inclined to want to please us! For those of us lucky enough to own a pet, we are blessed to have them as companions. many a stressful day dissolves into laughter at their antics.

Programs pairing prison inmates with dogs have been very successful in rehabilitating people to survive better when they are released into the community once more.

The Pups in Prison program is one such example. assistance dogs
Through a well supervised system, inmates bond with and train puppies in the basic skills. Later the young dogs go on to outside programsfor further training to become professional assistance dogs.

Being solely responsible for another being awakens something good in us. When we have to care for their every need, providing mental stimulation and affection as well as food, shelter and clothing, we are unselfishly giving.
And that's good for our humanity.

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