Friday, November 16, 2012

Love - is it just sex? And why does it hurt so much?

There are many forms of love - between parent and child, between friends, between humans and their pets and between sexual partners. But all these are an expression of an innate desire to be connected,

We want to be understood on a deep, intimate level. We want to be acknowledged as important, treasured. And when we feel safe, we give that most precious part of ourselves, our love, to another. 

As children, we take the love of our parents for granted. It's not until we reached adolescence that we begin to feel and understand the price of love as we begin our search for a soulmate.

On our journey we learn that love and sex are not synonymous, that sex is part of love, but not the equal of it.

Love is self sacrifice.

If our love is betrayed, we close our heart to its cries and quickly fall back behind the trench line, ready to fight for our dignity. We think we will escape. But we cannot. Its familiar voice continues to call because it goes to the core of our being - to be accepted. It is a risk to reach out, but a risk we keep taking, for the prize is worth the fight.

Love has such power, the force of it can summon our deepest pain or lift us to shining, exhilarating heights we never thought possible.

When we accept who we are inside we may find love comes our way without too much effort on our part. When we focus upon the needs of others instead of just fulfilling our own, love is drawn to us.

Love is pain.
Love is bliss.
Love is undeniable.

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