Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our place in the scheme of things

I want to start this blog with a quote from Dr David Suzuki:
In this technological age it's easy to become separated from the natural environment. We walk in shoes upon concrete and carpet, we touch plastic, synthetic fibres and chemicals all day long in our homes and work spaces. We breathe air that's been polluted by machinery and we hear piped music, television and traffic noise. But when it all gets too much and our financial, physical and emotional concerns get on top of us, our body and mind instinctively crave reconnection with the Earth, our mother. The blue sky, the fresh breeze, the chirping of birds, the feel of grass under our toes, the greenness of trees, the smell and colour of flowers all help to soothe our tattered nerves. If only we could bring more of nature into our daily lives, we might find solace and comfort more often and perhaps avoid at least some of the anguish and stress. Having a garden, no matter if its acreage or a balcony of potted plants, having a pet to stroke, observe its funny ways and care for keeps us in contact with other living things, all the elements of Earth's existence, not just ourselves.  We may be Lords and Ladies of the food chain, but we are intimately connected, entwined, with everything living thing on this planet. Rather than feeling just a sense of responsibility for that, we can also enjoy it.
 photo (c) Dawn Meredith

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